Wednesday, January 04, 2012

On My Desk Wednesday

Otherwise known as: What I'm Working On This Wednesday!

Kilz on a Shelf
I'm going through a bunch of stuff in the house, sort of a pre-spring cleaning and I came across this old shelf. I got it at a thrift store years ago and ended up painting it black. Why? I can't remember. I'm now covering it in Kilz and hoping to transform it into something cute. Hopefully it'll be hung in my new studio. It'll hold my vintage camera collection.

Just a Peek
Here's a small peek at a mural I hope to finish soon. I mean, I NEED to finish soon. I started it in October 2011, and because of all the holidays I abandoned it to focus on life events. Thank goodness the owner is understanding! I should finish it soon and I'm hoping to make a progress video of the whole project.

There are a few more things I'm working on, here and there, but didn't take a photo...maybe next time?

What's on your desk this week?


  1. I have bought fabric, set it to the side with the intentions of making something wonderful...needless to say I have quite a large stash of fabric.

  2. Great idea for a blog post. I can't wait to see what that mural turns out to look like. You are very talented!

    Joining you from the Etsy Blog Team!

  3. I saw a shelf similar to that one at a thrift store several weeks ago, and for some reason decided not to buy it. Totally kicking myself now as I re-organize my studio, because it would've been great storage for my tiny bead holders. Duh, Paige.


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