Monday, August 31, 2015

On Display: Monkey's Uncle, Griffin

Wanna know the secret to get your artwork hung in various places? 


I think I've tossed out the idea of hanging my work at Monkey's Uncle a time or two. The owner was a friend of a friend and so I'm sure I just added him on Facebook and struck up a conversation with him. This was AFTER I ate dinner there and scoped out the wall space, of course. When the time was right, we both agreed on a date to hang my paintings. 

That seems easy, right? It kinda is. But I also cannot tell you how many unanswered emails I've sent to various coffeehouses & restaurants. For every YES, there's about five NOs. Those are pretty good odds, though. 

If the result is hanging your work in a new popular restaurant in a nearby town, then its totally worth it!

I hung everything an hour before the restaurant opened. You can see the chairs are still flipped on the tables. 

Just look at how good these look on the red wall!

I sold two pieces! One of the little suns and Cetus, the whale painting shown above. So so so happy to share my art! 
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