Friday, September 21, 2007

Whee! Exciting Weekend Ahead

Life's been busy and I haven't had much time to blog or even doodle in my notebook. Well, I take that back, on my downtime I'm way too lazy to pick up a pen and draw. Sometimes I'd much rather sit on the couch and watch an America's Next Top Model marathon.
The doodle you see up there is of Devendra Banhart. Check out his Myspace Music page. It's really great stuff.

This weekend is bound to be a great one. It's SlowExposures weekend! Also, I won a scholarship to attend the Dave Anderson workshop. I was totally stoked & grateful to hear that I got it, otherwise I wouldn't be able to go. It looks like Dave and I will get along just fine. His aesthetic is very much like what I want to go for. I'm soooo excited! And worried and scared. But still excited. Yay!

And and and...We're going to see Interpol tonight!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sunday Atlanta Trip

Yesterday I planned a trip to Atlanta with the family so we can all view the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the High Museum of Art. Sadly, once we got there I was overwhelmed by the amount of people there. I did not want to be in a crowded museum, how can you be inspired like that? So we got back on the road, got lost, and found our way to the Georgia Aquarium. We were excited to see that the aquarium closed at 7 instead of 5. Daniel and I split up and I stood in the cash ticket line and he stood in the credit card ticket line. I was the lucky one to get the tickets! Hooray! The aquarium trip made us go over budget but it was totally worth it!


I love the aquarium! I was totally excited about the jelly fish. Luckily, the crowd thinned out a bit and we were able to stare at the jelly fish for a long while.
Daniel thinks the second photo would be a great album cover.

Beluga Whale

My favorite part has to be the Beluga Whales! I also love love love the seahorses but was unable to get a decent picture of them. I'd love to draw one.
The day didn't go exactly as planned but it was still a nice day. It's been awhile since we've done anything as a family, besides lounge around the house, and it was good to spend time with each other and give Mazzy a beautiful experience.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Moo Cards & Zines!


I got the new Zine World last week! I spent most of last Sunday reading through it and highlighting the zines that sounded interesting to me. The next day, while I was writing notes to zine-makers I was interrupted by the mailman. He dropped off a birthday parcel for Mazzy and a small package for me from across the seas. I was happy to see my new Moo cards! They're so amazing and small. The printing is stellar! I can't say enough good things!
I've spent these past two-three days setting up the new exhibit at the local gallery where I work. It's the West Central Georgia Shutterbug photography group and you can see photos of the exhibit here on their blog. I still have a few things to do on my list for the exhibit, I hope everything goes well and there's a grand turn-out for the reception on Thursday.
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