Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Creative Space Thursday

The days before leaving for an adventure are often hectic: there are many loose ends to tie up, and a house to clean (love coming home to a clean house!), and many things to pack. I have a week or two before I leave, but I'm taking this time to slow down. There's no sense in starting another huge painting or project. It'll still be there when I get back. Right now I just want to have a cup of tea, read a couple of books, and perhaps doodle in my sketchbook whenever I get an idea. That's all.


  1. Hey, I'm your newest follower, found you on Etsy :) I just have to say, that owl mug is ADORABLE! I'm obsessed with it!!!


  2. Hope your adventure is filled with fun! :)

    Your newest follower,


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