Sunday, June 05, 2011

I'm Not a Photographer, But I Play One on TV

Well, I do consider myself a photographer, in the artistic sense of the word. Now a professional photographer, I am most definitely not. I don't think I'm good (or patient) enough to photograph headshots, weddings, and other things/events that professional photographers are hired for. But I will take photos of you if you're a relative or friend, and you ask nicely.

Tomorrow evening I'm accepting the challenge of "Maternity Photography" and it should be fun. I'm quite confident in my skills, and sister-in-law (due any day now!) will be very pleasant to photograph. This evening Maz and I practiced shooting on Aperture Priority mode in the backyard during the pretty, early evening light.

Sweet Smile
Look at that sweet smile! I love shooting photos with a wide open aperture so you get that blurry background. I do believe using my Pentax k1000 has helped me learn the ins and outs of photography, especially with f-stop numbers!

Belly Heart
We practiced the heart/hand over the belly button shot that I'm sure we'll do tomorrow. You can see Mazzy's appendectomy scar from her surgery two years ago.

Maz is Strong
Then she got goofy. Today was a lazy-stay-in-pjs-all-day kind of day so that's why she's in Batman pants and  unbrushed hair.

Tomorrow should go well, that is, if the sister-in-law doesn't go into labor overnight!

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