Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday's Adventure

Sundays are usually a lazy, bum around the house kind of day but we've been itching to go out and have an adventure as a family. We've been talking about walking around old cemeteries in Macon and taking pictures, but with the temperatures in the mid-nineties almost daily, that option didn't seem too attractive.

So we decided, almost spur-of-the-moment, to go to Fernbank Museum of Natural History. The Mythic Creatures exhibit has been on my to-do list for sometime, and I also had a little bit of extra cash for the week, so why not? Let's go!

We let Maz have control of the camera for most of the time. She took this photo of me and Daniel soon after we arrived at Fernbank.

Then she posed as a mermaid. Awwww!

And my favorite! A Pegasus!

We spent most of our time exploring all the exhibits and didn't take many more pictures. Mazzy definitely had a blast in the NatureQuest exhibit, and we almost couldn't get her out without promising a trip to the Gift Shop. Since I was having a bit of a spending spree, I treated Maz to a Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation and Assembly Kit and I bought myself a new bracelet. Look!
My New Bracelet

That's one adventure crossed off my Summer To-Do List! What will we think of next?

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