Tuesday, June 07, 2011


My Afternoon

Current book: Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art, and many other books! Check out my GoodReads list!
Current album: A Roadtrip Mix CD that Daniel made for me.
Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: Staying up WAY too late.
Current color(s): Yellow Ochre
Current link: tumblr.com
Current fetish: Planning, making lots of lists, marking items off the list.
Current drink: Coffee, tea, and lots of water.
Current wish-list: And assistant, to run mundane errands for me. Like grocery shopping.
Current favorite song(s): Pink Floyd's Run Like Hell
Current triumph(s): Taking photographs of relatives and totally not screwing it up.
Current Celebrity Crush: Ryan Adams, all day errrrrrr-day.
Current indulgence: Too many bagels!
Current excitement: 
Just a couple of weeks until I spend a week up north with my cousins!
Current mood: Sleepy-eyed and lazy.

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