Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

Christmas Tree Ornament

I cannot lie, 2010 kicked my butt over and over. I kept busy all year and I'm so tired and lazy now. In this entry, I dubbed 2010 to be the year of Art, and well, I definitely did my fair share of creativity! I consider this year to be a success. Now a list, of course! This year:

Started learning to tattoo (always a learning experience!), took a family vacation to Chattanooga, celebrated 6 years of marriage, had a photo in "Visions of Glory" (earned People's Favorite), had an interview with the local newspaper (front page news!), drove 13 hours to Michigan with my brother and cousin, discovered a new allergy (yuck!), dipped my toes in a Great Lake, organized an art fundraiser involving local artists (earned over $700 for the gallery), made props for a play and a dance recital, painted a mural for a local church, celebrated Maz's 8th birthday, volunteered for SlowExposures, was Matron of Honor for my dear friend Erica (Maz was the flower girl), painted a mural for the tattoo shop, had a full page spread in a local magazine, painted a piggy bank for a fundraiser, organized a Feline Foto Show for a nearby bookstore, painted a nursery, hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time, painted Elvises for Christmas Lane, and finished school (for now?) and earned an Associate's Degree. In between all that, I spent time with friends and family, did lots of homework, and tried to maintain my sanity. Seriously, I was busy this year!

Looking back, I'm quite proud of myself and what I've done. Now to kick back and hang out at the shop for the afternoon, then come home for some video games and tacos to ring in the new year. I'll update soon with 2011's goals and wishes.

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