Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday Mail Call & An Awesome Thing

Postcards from Swaps
Postcards from various swaps on Hooray for mail!

I'm in Kitchen Drawer
A Day in the Life
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Kitchen Drawer magazine, a local publication that features the good things around the area. And of course, I was stoked and agreed to be photographed for their Day in the Life page. It's a good representation of how my Fridays are (Busy busy busy!). I'm so glad my family, my dog, and my buddy Heather got to be a part of this with me.

Kitchen Drawer is all sorts of awesome, and you can view the latest issue online here.


  1. Amber1:11 PM

    Hey...what's that behind your ear? OOOHHHHH i think we match maybe a little :)

  2. tehe! I saw this online, but I haven;t found a hard copy yet! I'm glad you asked me to join in on the fun!!


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