Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Break!

Making Faces

We decided to be brave, daring, bold and take a vacation. Let's throw our cares to the wind. Let's not worry about how much money is sitting in the bank. Let's do it!
And we did. Daniel used vacation days and Maz was on Spring Break from school. I skipped class and we hightailed it to Chattanooga for two days. We had planned for three but rain cancelled our third morning plans and by then, we were ready for home.

Of course, in list (-ish) form: Easy Atlanta driving, Pigging out at QuickTrip, Early check in at the hotel, decided that 3 star hotels are the way to go, plush pillows and free internet, first stop: Hubble 3D at Imax (AMAZING!), then the Tennessee Aquarium, Jellyfish! Seahorses! Crabs! Fish! Touch Tanks! Butterflies!, Dinner at Mellow Mushroom, the goofiest server, to the corner for Ben & Jerry's, talks of wanting to get out of town more, back to the hotel for a quiet evening.


Day two filled with potential, but first stop at Walmart for hoodies (cooler than we thought it'd be), lunch, then triple tourist attraction time! Incline Railway, Gift Shop, Ruby Falls, Gift Shop, then Rock City, & Gift Shop. Lots of walking, walking, walking, exploring, fantastic tour guide at Ruby Falls, plenty of penny squisher machines, beautiful weather, no crowds at all, finally got my hands on a SEE ROCK CITY bird house, Driving around Chattanooga looking for a place for dinner, finally settling on a steakhouse, when seated we discover that this is a FANCY restaurant and I'm almost ready to just get up to leave, then the server comes over and she's super nice, she suggests food that Maz will eat, and I say "screw it! We'll be fancy for dinner!", I have lambchops, and Daniel orders a steak, we spend 75 dollars on dinner and vow to never do that again (hah!), but I thought my food was AMAZING! (wish I could eat like that everyday!), back to the room to relax, Daniel and Maz check out the indoor pool while I enjoy some quiet time, then finally sleep.

Ruby Falls

Rain sneaks in overnight and we're a little bummed. We have the best complimentary breakfast ever and decide that we're going to stay at Holiday Inn Express hotels whenever we can. We pack up and head on out. Drive drive drive home and we're glad to see our puppybaby Dexter again (he got to stay with a friend who has two dachshunds, so he had fun!). Then we're out for the rest of the evening. Happy that we spent some super quality family time together.

I'm back to work the next day, attending a luncheon, etc. etc. while Maz and Daniel get to stay home, in their pajamas, playing video games. This Spring Break has been very much needed and hopefully we can get up tomorrow at the break of dawn and try to remember our old routine.

Outside My Front Door

Oh! Look! Robins decided to start a family right outside our door! I can't wait to see the new babies. Maybe it's the same couple from last year?

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  1. Christina7:05 PM

    Isn't Chattanooga fun? I lived there as a kid (all through elementary school). I've always loved the Tenn. Aquarium. I was actually in the opening parade in 4th grade dressed as a rainbow trout. You know I shook my tail that day! LOL Glad you got to see the sights!


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