Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Art Makin'

It's a rainy Monday. It was nearly impossible to get down to the studio today but I forced myself to quit being lazy and just paint. I'm feeling like a cold is slowly making its way to my sinuses, so I better get some work done before the sickness takes over. While I was painting, I thought to myself, man, it feels good to paint! A few weeks have passed since I painted anything, and I know I've been missing it.

Brush Collection
I wanted to show off some details of my studio. Since signing up for Get Your Paint On I've been going through my supplies and thinking about what I need. Well, looks like I don't NEED anything! In this picture you can see three small blank canvases to the right, and below the table is another stack of canvases in various sizes. I've got plenty of paint and other mediums to work with. 

Brush Collection
And here's one shelf of my supply closet. Yes, my supply closet! I'm so lucky to have this space and it is kind of overwhelming to see all the art stuff I've accumulated over the years. Could I be an art supply hoarder? I even ordered some supplies from Dick Blick this morning! Ok, for the month of February I vow to NOT buy any art supplies or books (I've bought over 10 books in the past month), and just use what I have!

The Get Your Paint On ecourse started today and I'm looking forward to having artistic assignments! I've picked out an empty canvas from my collection and I can't wait to start painting. Whoo!


  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Cool site. I always enjoy watching talented people paint and seeing their progress, it always amazes me.

  2. love your blog!
    very well designed and cool stuff!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! :)


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