Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drawing Comics

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a buddy about drawing comics for an independent newspaper. At the time I was wrapped up in Accounting class, and worried that I would miss the deadline, but I still agreed to draw something. Besides, I couldn't pass up the opportunity, right? I've been a comics (indie and otherwise) fan since I was a teen. I've drawn several comics zines (Monster Haiku and stories about my pet hamsters) and drew an hourly comic or two back in my Livejournal days. Drawing comics to be published is the next big step!

I'm now drawing comics for The Grip, a newspaper based in Griffin, Georgia. It's a whole new challenge now that I've got a set deadline every other week and I've got to come up with original content that's entertaining. So...wow! I've drawn two comics so far, and I'm sketching out ideas for the next. I've decided that my comic's title is: Good, Good Things and it's about my life and other adventures. I feel I work best when I'm sharing personal tidbits, for example: this blog, my zines, & my art. Everything stems from wanting to share my experiences.

On that note, I wanted to share some links to some comics I enjoy reading:
Wet Moon by Ross Campbell, anything by Lucy Knisely, You Don't Get There From Here zine by Carrie McNinch, Invincible Summer by Nicole Georges, and not pictured: A Round Town in Flagpole, Dinosaur Comics, and A Softer World. Oh! And Ramsey of Everydaypants Illustration!

And here's my first Good, Good Things:
I'm totally looking forward to drawing more comics! So tell me, do you read any comics? If so, what are they?


  1. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I love the T-Rex you drew!

  2. thanks for the link! i'm excited to read more of your comics.


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