Monday, November 22, 2010

Painting a Nursery

This afternoon I started working on a nursery mural for a client. I brought Maz along since I she's a good kid, and I could use the company while painting. She's also a big help whenever I need her. After playing her DS, then reading for awhile, she got bored and started playing with my camera.

I'm Painting

She got some shots of me working. I have some progress shots of the mural, but want to save them for another little project.

Tool Box

Maz also took a picture of my new paint/tool carrier. I found this Stanley Utility Tote at Walmart yesterday and couldn't pass it up. It's perfect! It holds paints, paintbrushes, rags, plastic containers, and everything else I need to take inside to work on my murals. I love it.

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