Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On My Desk Wednesday

On My Desk

Just last week I said, "I'm sure I'm going to get sick soon. I've been way too busy lately." The universe tells me to take a break the only way it knows how: by giving me an awful head cold that makes me completely unmotivated to do anything but sleep on the couch.
So Monday and most of Tuesday were spent doing, well, nothing and it was nice but I knew that time was slipping away from some of my projects. On the other hand, the cold made me not give a crap about deadlines. I didn't even do homework for my accounting class! Insanity!
I finally started feeling better yesterday afternoon and after I put Maz to bed I went down to the studio and started carving a new lino block. This is the first time I've attempted script letters in any print, so I'm curious if it'll turn out ok. At least I remembered to flip the drawing before copying it to the block!

Here's to Vitamin C and lots of warm tea!

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