Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On My Desk Wednesday

On My Desk Wednesday

My last roadtrip was at the beginning of this year. I drove up to Huntsville, Alabama to hang out with my BFF, Amber and attend a wedding of an old friend. I remember telling Amber that I get really excited about driving long distances because then I get a chance to think, make plans, figure stuff out and all that. The reality is: I don't think of anything but the road.
But I did have an idea for a painting. An Alabama Pride tattoo design! It's taken a few weeks to actually sit down, draw it up, and figure out composition, etc. etc. but the end to this painting is near! I can feel it!
This is one of the bigger watercolor paintings I've done in a long while. The flower pedals are rather tedious but there's sort of a zen feeling that comes over me when I'm painting.

Tomorrow I start working on a large project for the local dance teacher. She's getting ready for her yearly May dance recital and I get to make a huge Las Vegas sign for her. I'll be sure to take pictures!

Here's something cute I came across the other day: the husband and Dexter taking a nap on the couch.

Only Dexter heard me sneaking around with the camera.

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  1. I love road trips as well though I usually don't drive so I have time to think I usually think about the things that would make gorgeous photos but I can't snap them because my camera is falling apart.

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