Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Break!

Is almost over. Tomorrow I have to be up before dawn to attend the first day of my second quarter of school. I'm absolutely dreading having a math class at 8 a.m. Math is one of my worst subjects ever and I hope I don't fail.
During my last few days off of school I've managed to cross off several items on my to-do list from the last entry. I read a book (good old chick-lit!), made some art (pictures soon!), watched a movie (Helvetica, amazing!), hung out with friends (well, the hubby and my brother), and wrote letters. I also worked, volunteered at a yard-sale fundraiser, painted faces at a BBQ festival, and worked out as much as possible. All in all, a very busy week.
I'm looking forward to class tomorrow. I enjoy new beginnings and starting fresh. Tonight I'm headed out to a coffeeshop and being social. Hopefully, I don't stay out too late.

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