Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My First Magazine Appearance

I'm in Scoop Magazine!

In February I received an email from Scoop, a magazine based in Griffin, Georgia, asking if they could come by the very next day. So I had a mild freak-out, cleaned up my studio, and next thing I know the Managing Editor and the Photographer were sitting at my kitchen table. We talked and I showed them how I made a print from a carved lino block then they were gone. For many days afterward, I hoped, hoped, hoped they weren't planning on using my photo for the cover.

When I finally got my hands on an issue a month later I was pleased to not see my mug on the front. I mean, I like the publicity, but I don't think I'm quite a cover girl yet. But the photos of me on page 44 were awesome!

I'm so glad to be a part of this magazine! The staff at Scoop works hard to keep everyone in-the-know of all the events in Middle Georgia. You can download a .pdf of the March Handmade issue here. You'll find many more articles of artists and crafters in the area.

Yay Scoop!

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