Wednesday, April 08, 2009

DSLRs and First Day of Class


I've been thinking about getting a DSLR camera lately and a friend let me play with hers today. There's tons of bells and whistles and things to remember, etc. I was almost overwhelmed. I'm used to just clicking one button on my toy cameras and hoping for the best. My darling Mazzy was my model for many shots and this one is the best. I forgot to change the camera settings and messed up all the other photos. I still want my own DSLR. I'm going to have to save, save, save money!

This morning's math class was very interesting. I was absolutely dreading it all week. Well, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed my teacher so much! She asked the class to talk about our troubles in math and when we thought they started. I actually raised my hand and told everyone about the teacher I had in middle school and how she pretended to have cancer (true story!), burned herself with curling irons to look sick, and was out a lot so her class was taught by substitutes (they didn't really teach, just handed out worksheets). I didn't learn a thing that semester and felt like I've had trouble in math ever since. I know I sounded crazy myself and it seems as though the entire class turned around and looked at me. Hah! I was proud of myself for speaking up (I'm always the quiet student) and not blushing. I'm now looking forward to learning, or even re-learning, math!

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