Monday, January 26, 2015

Fifty Suns and Moons Project Complete!

When I first started painting little suns and moons, I made the joke that I should just paint 50 of them. Make it a whole series, y'know. And look! It became a serious goal and after several weeks of chugging away, I am done!

Honestly, I'm so proud of myself. Usually I lose interest in things like this and end up dropping it for something new and interesting. But I did it! Yay!

They look so neat together!

Almost half of them have been sold or given away. 
The rest are on my bigcartel shop:

Just the other day I thought "why didn't I do a time lapse painting video?" so maybe in the future I'll paint another one and record it. That should be fun! 

My next project is another doozy: 40 8x10 owls. Just wait until you see those!

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