Sunday, January 04, 2015

New Year...New Blog Post!

Hello 2015! It's so nice to see you!

Let me tell you, this year has definitely started off on the right foot! We've grown quite fond of Tybee Beach recently and we try to visit as often as possible. It's a quick (but boring!) drive and always so worth it! At the stroke of midnight on January 1st we watched fireworks being launched from the Tybee Pier. The temperature was mild so we didn't have to worry about freezing as we watched the spectacle from a blanket on the beach.

The next morning. A bit chilly with loads of sunshine!

The morning of December 31st I took a walk on the beach as the sun rose. Daniel and Maz couldn't be bothered to get out of bed. I don't blame them at all! It was windy and cold and due to the clouds, I couldn't see much of the sunrise. 

Thankfully, it came out in full force on January 1st. We explored the beach, hoping to find some shark teeth. 

We stayed at the Atlantis Inn and our room was titled "Under the Sea". It was delightfully tacky!

I took a total of three photos of the fireworks before I thought to myself, "Just take it don't have to document it!"

Honorable Mentions: Our favorite breakfast on the island is by Sunrise Restaurant. Seriously, best shrimp and grits I've ever tasted! Also check out Lighthouse Pizza for the best pizza on the island! We stopped by Fish Art Gallery in hopes of meeting an interesting folk artist, but he wasn't in. We also checked out River Street in Savannah, but didn't take any photos. We bought a CD from Yes Ma'am, a band playing on the street. Turns out their vehicle broke down in Savannah and they needed to get home to New Orleans. I hope they made it!

* * * * * * * * * * *
I mentioned we were looking for shark teeth, right? Well we found some! We found out about the Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History before we finalized plans for Tybee. Since it ended on January 4th we decided to take an extra day and drive down to Gainesville, Florida to see the exhibit. Daniel's obsessed with megalodons, and I have to admit: they are quite facinating!

I mean, c'mon...those teeth are bigger than your HAND! How exciting it that!?!

After nerding out at the museum, we ate lunch at Satchel's Pizza. It's definitely a MUST DO if you're in Gainesville. Hands down the best pizza I've had in a long time! Baked to perfection! So yummy! And the colorful ambiance! I was in my element and all googly-eyed. 

Satchel's is not only famous for super awesome pizza, but they also make their sodas in house! I ordered the Flight of All 6 Sodas and got to try each one. My favorite was the Ruby Root Beer, with the Lennie Lemon Lime as a close second. So good, so good!

Now we're back home, and after a Sunday to relax and get caught up on sleep I think we're ready to tackle the New Year and kick its butt. I don't make resolutions, more like a to-do lists and I'm just going to keep on keeping on and doing what I do.

And hopefully keep this blog updated more! Don't I say that every entry though? 

Here's to you, Twenty Fifteen!

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