Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Workday

Yesterday my dad and brother came over to help me work on my studio. I had two main tasks: rebuild the shelf and install track lighting. We worked for a full 8 hours and we were so busy that I only took two photos.

Work Work Work!
Tools of the trade and priming the wood for the shelf.

My Working Men
Dad's finishing the shelf and my brother's priming the walls.

Camera Collection
I finally got this little shelf painted and hung on the wall. It's going to hold my camera collection.

I meant to take a photo of the finished shelf, but forgot. I'll make sure to get a decent picture after it's caulked and painted. My personal deadline is March 9th, and here's hoping we can pull it off! I've already made plans for an open house on March 10th!


  1. I love studio tours! Thanks for sharing the construction/update of yours. Love the camera display!

  2. That camera display is awesome! love the color and everything, congrats on studio setup.

  3. Gracious me! Do you use all those cameras - or do you have a favourite? I find it difficult enough to just cope with my allegedly "simple" digital!


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