Thursday, February 23, 2012

Atlanta Art Date

Maz had an extra long weekend for her school's winter break so we decided to have a mommy/daughter art date in Atlanta on Tuesday. We visited the High Museum of Art, viewed the Picasso to Warhol exhibit and saw most of the KAWS pieces. She was especially excited when I surprised her with a trip to the CNN Center to shop at the Cartoon Network store.

Maz and Kaws
Mazzy and KAWS' Companion. I asked if she wanted her photo taken with this statue and she ran over and put her face in her hands. She's a funny kid.

Maz and Andy
Maz is a very fortunate kid to be able to view famous pieces like this at age 9. I was 29 by the time I got to see an original Warhol, and looks like Mazzy's 20 years ahead of me. The best part? She knew some of the paintings and artists in the exhibit thanks to her art teacher. And she wondered out loud: "Why are there so many naked people in art?" So cute!

Maz and Lady Rainicorn
Mazzy and Lady Rainicorn. After she saw this she said she couldn't stop smiling. We were on the search for Adventure Time toys, but all they had were tshirts.

We made it back home in time for soccer practice. Now we have a new to-do list for Atlanta. I've promised a CNN Tour and a visit to Fernbank. Perhaps we can do it over Spring Break?


  1. Love the photos! What a great trip you had!

    Stopping by from Etsy Blog Team

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun!


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