Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Presents!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I know I did, and I'm definitely ready to get back to work and normal life today. Since all the presents have been handed out, I'm ready to update the blog with photos commissioned presents.

Tough Guys
A friend asked if I could paint portraits of Lil' Wayne and Eminem for her son's new room. I had complete freedom on size, color, pose, everything. Here's what I came up with. They're 22" x 28", oil on canvas. I'm quite proud of them.

Oh Yeah!
Another friend had a great idea for his girlfriend. He told me she really wanted a Kool Aid man pitcher, but everything online was crazy expensive or wouldn't arrive in the mail in time. I took on the challenge even though I've never etched anything into glass before but I figured How hard could it be? Well, not too hard at all! Just a little etching cream, some contact paper, and an x-acto knife. Ta-da! We called it Operation Oh Yeah.

The girlfriend must have really enjoyed her present, because she said yes to his marriage proposal. How exciting!

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