Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chi-Chi-Chicken Painting

During a conversation today, a friend suggested that I paint more roosters, since people love roosters and will buy paintings of them, especially in the South. It's been on my art to-do list for awhile, and since I have the awful habit of procrastinating, I decided to put off another project just to paint a rooster. I also decided to record the process.

Painted a Rooster

I had originally uploaded another song to the video, but my husband suggested another. When he played The Cramp's Chicken, I knew it was the best song for my video! Many thanks to the hubby and his music collection. 


  1. Holy crap. Numerous things to mention: the time lapse video is so freaking neat! I especially like how you rotate the canvas. :)

    You were the first shop on Etsy? That is too cool!

    You live in Thomaston! My maternal grandparents were from Thomaston! For some reason I find this amazing!!!

    Now I'm off to check out your shop...

  2. I LOVED watching your video. It timed perfectly to see enough of the process w/o being overly long. great work too! it's a wonderful chicken!


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