Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

"Knowing people" and getting this awesome printing press just because I knew someone who was cleaning out their art stuff, getting in an art groove and printing, printing, printing, (unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to set up the printing press just right, so I'm doing a lot of hand-pulled block printing. All in due time, I suppose!), doing some great tattoos lately (a collection of work here.), Whiskeytown's Pneumonia, my iPod, Hungover Owls (NSFW!), foxes, lots of quiet time to myself, the kiddo's birthday party, my family, beautiful bridesmaid dresses...

Pulling great prints one after another, reading blogs of real-life friends (Melanie, HeatherJessica, Lyndsey, Cheryl, Jamie), days spent getting stuff done, reading The Creative Habit, making treasuries on Etsy, cuddling with Dexter the dog, watching Louis on FX, feeling that summer might not last forever (even though it feels like it here in Central Georgia), buying tickets to see Interpol in November, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (saw them in ATL on August 11th, what an AMAZING show!), and well, I'm sure there's more but I'm running out of time! 

What do YOU love this fine, lovely Thursday?

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