Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Currently in the Works

After much thought, I decided it was best to withdraw from my summer quarter online class. I know it's going to hurt my GPA in the end, but I think I'd do better if I just let it go now, and try again with a class on campus next quarter. Since dropping the class, my focus has turned to more creative endeavors. Such as: 

Carving on a new lino block. My right wrist is feeling sore so I'm taking my time with this.

A collection of large foamcore animals for an upcoming production of Aladdin, Jr. There will be sixteen in all, including lions, monkeys, and giraffes. Interesting!

My current new obsession: screenprinting. I had a chance to learn how to screen print back in high school (ten years ago!) and I was curious if I still knew how to use all the supplies, especially since a friend just bought a ton of screenprinting supplies to make t-shirts for the tattoo shop. Yesterday, I bought a small screenprinting kit for myself to practice with and tried out the drawing fluid/screen filler technique (nice tutorial here!).

And there you go! I used a blank, white bandanna and printed the peacock feather image twice to use up the ink I mixed. For my next screenprinting project I have to remember: make sure the drawing fluid is thicker, buy more masking tape, keep the image closer to the middle, iron my fabric before printing, make sure to have all my supplies on hand (be more patient!), and wash my hands before going upstairs or else there will be fingerprints all over the doorknobs and light switches!


  1. Your lino blocks are so cool! I tried block printing in college, and just found the urge to do it again -- and about sliced my finger off.

  2. My gosh Fawne, if I had money I would want to buy EVERY SINGLE PEICE of art you create. I have loved everything you have drawn and painted! I'm so glad I found your blog and twitter-now I can get updates on you!

    (from the shutterbugs)

  3. screen printing is awesome fun. I just got the materials for photo emulsion printing and I'm pretty happy with it.


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