Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Picnic at the Bluff

I've been enjoying my weekends of nothing to do. When I say, "nothing to do" I really mean nothing I have to do for any one else except for my family. This past Saturday found ourselves a bit bored so I suggested that we go on a picnic at the nearby state park. The husband was a bit hesitant. The last time he'd been there, it was a redneck drinking spot. I don't know how long ago that was but I knew it was clean and pretty and I wanted to go, by golly, so we went.

We had a very nice picnic, explored the area, skipped rocks, and dipped our toes in the river. It was hotter than we expected so we tired out quickly. But I'm sure we'll make our way back soon. Dexter loved sniffing everything in sight and actually got better at walking with us on a leash! Mazzy threw every single rock she could find into the river. It's the simple things that keeps us entertained!

I can't believe this beautiful spot is ten miles from my house. I love it so.

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