Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Introducing Chester

Look at that little face! Could you resist taking this cutie home?

Well, we sure couldn't. We were at the pet store buying treats for the bird and the other hamster. I always take a moment to peek at the little critters for sale and we spotted a very active, very cute Russian hamster. Daniel and I both AWWWWWWW-ed and Daniel says, "Let's take him home!" I was like, really? You willingly want to get a new critter? (Usually I just end up bringing them home w/o any warning.) And he says, "Sure, you have a cage, right?" Dang skippy I do! So we fill out paperwork, pay for him, and make our way home.

We've named him Chester. He's a bit nippy and scared of his new surroundings. His coat is beautiful. Daniel says he reminds him of an Ewok.

I've added him to Hamsterster.com: http://www.hamsterster.com/?pet=2752

& Here's Princess Peach:
Her profile is here: http://www.hamsterster.com/?pet=2066

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