Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exhausted, In a Good Way

Last Thursday I was asked to teach at a week-long Art Camp for elementary school kids. I was apprehensive at first. I've never taught a class before and I'm a quite shy person but I said yes. I had exactly two and a half days to prepare for this experience. And I'll admit when that first class came in, I was terrified!

Thankfully, I have helpers in each class that are great with the kids. Each day has been fun and interesting. Most of the kids are wonderful and really, this has been a good time. It's only halfway through the week and I'm completely exhausted! From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. I see about 120 kids. There's about 15-18 in each 35 minute session with an hour for lunch. I'm grateful to have worked with the director of the camp to come up with lessons each day. So far we've used different artistic mediums, talked about different artists, and painted like Jackson Pollock. Tomorrow we'll be collaging like Henry Matisse. Then on Friday the kids will put on a production for their parents. Hooray for Art Camp!

Here's a picture of what my kitchen table looked like on Monday afternoon. I was getting ready for my "A for Apple" lesson. The students used different mediums to draw the same apple. I'm happy to say that most of them had lots of fun with it.

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