Thursday, March 15, 2012

Studio Photo Tour - Part Two

Looking into the third room from the second. Mazzy is busy working at her little table. I've left some of the wall empty, Maz is hoping to get some paintings up there.

My office area. I like to keep the desk free of clutter.

My old, old easel. I bought it the first year of college, back in 2001. It's a bit rusty now, but still works. This wall is home to my personal art collection, prints and paintings I've bought from other artists over the years.

A close up of my corner. That calendar has to be one of the best things ever. I can plan out my entire year with one glance. How great is that? I might get a bulletin board to go under my camera collection. 

Yesterday I wandered around the space while I tried to figure out what to do since almost everything was finished. I tried to paint something but it ended up looking like total crap. Note to self: don't try to wing it, plan out a painting before jumping into it. It's a bit strange working in a new space, but I'm sure I'll come around. 

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