Monday, October 24, 2011

Work Work Work!

Our Sunday was full of little projects, from cleaning up the house to school homework. Maz and I spent some time together at the kitchen table working on things that are due this week.

A skeleton. Testing out my puppet-making skills.

Mazzy works on a school project.

Priming another pig. (Remember last year's?)

She's coming along nicely. Of course, I smear some of the paint after taking this picture!


  1. Awesome piggy bank! Thanks for sharing. =)
    from Blogging Buddies team

  2. Love the piggy bank - and the school project seems to be a concentrated one too! Hope both are successful! As a fellow blogging buddie member, hope you'll have a look at and then, maybe, follow? Am trying to collect up to 100 Followers by Christmas - and then feel justified in inviting fellow bloggers to guest blog with me! I've a shop at which might be of interest to you and your daughter, as well! Hope so, anyway.

    all the best. Isobel


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