Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where Have You Been, What Have You Seen?

My brother knee-deep in the Gulf of Mexico.

Last weekend my brother and I went on a roadtrip and I've been trying to recover from ever since. We made our first stop in Biloxi to pick up our cousin, then made our way to New Orleans. At first, my brother thought we should stay in Biloxi but I figure, hey, it's only an hour drive, why not?! And since so much happened in 48 hours, I can only write in list form:

Driving though the deep south, deciding to stop and eat then not finding a restaurant for 50 miles, 10 mile long bridges, the best Arby's sandwich but too excited to eat, finding the meeting place only to be seriously heartbroken, moping around on the beach for an hour, but I'm on a beach!, finally finding our cousin, talking the whole way to NOLA, getting lost right away but finding the hotel, the very very nice hotel and valet parking, getting ready to go out almost immediately, very bad pizza on Bourbon Street, 3 for 1 beers, a shot of Crown (disgusting), watching the boys dance, finding a new bar with an AMAZING cover band that play classic rock and 90's alternative, first time for everything, wanting to crash early (9 p.m.), and getting lost on the way back to the hotel.

Waking up at 4 a.m. to an argument, the boys fussing about who lost who, calming them down & trying not to get kicked out of hotel, finally crashing, early morning for me & I refuse to stay in and "just watch t.v.", walking down Canal, the river, the French Market, THE BEST CREOLE OMELETTE EVER, reading in a cafe, visiting art galleries, hippie shops, and voodoo shops, the boys sleeping in, going to the Aquarium alone, seahorses & jellyfish (my favorite underwater creatures), strange graffiti near the hotel, talking to street musicians, discovering a new artist thanks to a huge tattoo on a girl's back.

The boys finally up, walking around for food, wonderful po-boys, beers to-go, scoping out Bourbon St. thinking we're going to bar-hop til we drop, "classing it up!", back on the town, back to 3 for 1 beer, then back to AWESOME cover band where we jam out for 4 hours, walk brother back to the hotel where he crashes for the night, cousin and I back to rock to the cover band for 3 more hours, laughing, jumping, fist pumping in the air, not caring who's watching, a guy hits on me & cousin tells him to go away, yawning & deciding to call it a night, heart-to-hearts walking down the street, sleeping in until check-out time.

Ears ringing, "WHAT?", the boys telling me that this was the best decision, stopping at Waffle House for lunch/breakfast, good cuppa coffee, a quiet ride back to Biloxi, quick hugs and trying not to cry, stopping in Mobile and determined not to stop until we get home. & we didn't. Home to tacos and happy hubby and kiddo. Watching Showtime and winding down.

It was an amazing weekend with my boys. It cost a lot of money but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Since getting back I've been swamped with housework, schoolwork, and work-work. Hello Sunday morning and finally feeling somewhat caught up.

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  1. oh I love it! Best time ever I flet liek I was there and you sing osnged it like a tune.


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