Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Evening

-June 22nd was my dad's 50th birthday. I gave him 4 tickets to the Cyclorama in Atlanta that I won the night before at a fundraiser. He thought it was a pretty neat gift and I hope he takes a Saturday off of work to enjoy learning about the Civil War.

-I got a pedicure on Friday and I'm so happy I did. I know it sounds silly to have someone else paint your toenails for you but man, my toesies look so good! I must indulge in some frivolous things in life, right? I messed up one of my toes on Saturday and I stopped by the nail salon this afternoon to get it fixed. The ladies at the salon are so nice!'

-I'm currently working on an idea to get a small business started. I'd like to paint kid's murals and I think I'd do a good job. I just need to get a few murals under my belt to make sure I can do it and how long each one would take & I do need photos for a portfolio.

-Monday morning Maz and I are flying to Michigan to visit my family for a week. I'm so excited and I can't wait. I've already packed Maz's bag!

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