Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Number Six - Sick Day

Yesterday we took our little girl to the doctor's office to get her checked out. She's had a cough for a few days then developed a congested nose then Sunday night she had an earache. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and sent us on our way.
Today we let her go to school and two hours later the nurse calls and asks me to pick her up. Mazzy threw up in class. Thank goodness we live close-by because I was there in less than ten minutes. Now Maz is sleeping on the couch. Grandma helped out by quickly buying Gatorade, crackers, sherbert, and soup and dropping them off. I do hope she starts feeling better soon. She hasn't been able to keep any liquids down. My poor, poor baby.
On top of all this, my husband left this morning on his first business trip. He'll be gone until Thursday night. I miss him a whole lot.
So today will be spent taking care of the kiddo and making sure she stays hydrated, calling the dr.'s office for advice, keeping things from smelling like vomit, and reading.

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