Monday, January 01, 2007

Here's to a new year.

2007 here I come!
This year I want to:

- Attend as many music shows as possible.
- Visit friends and family in these states: Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan
- Visit these places in Georgia: Warms Springs, Providence Canyon State Park, Stone Mountain Park, The Georgia Aquarium, Ren Fest, Savannah, a haunted house, the High Museum, Fernbank, Helen.
- Host craft/art nights.
- Lose weight. Exercise. Be more healthy.
- Buy a new digital camera.
- Keep a journal. Write a lot.
- Read 40 books.
- Buy a bike.
- Be more fashionable. (A.K.A. cut down on the whole "I just rolled out of bed" look.)
- Have a kick-ass 25th birthday party.
- Keep a public blog on my site. :)

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