Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Tuesday

I spent the weekend visiting my old stomping grounds. The city's grown crazy-big and traffic is ten times worse than it was when I lived there. It makes me appreciate living in a small town and I definitely don't miss living in the big city.
Anyway, I hung out with family and friends, watched a movie or two, played Guitar Hero, and just enjoyed getting away from normal life. I came back home feeling tired but at the same time, recharged.
I sold a painting from
my Etsy shop while I was gone. That was a neat surprise. I really need to start working on some new art soon but with this cold weather and cloudy skies almost everyday I feel so blah...so uninspired. I spent most of today under a blanket on the couch with a nice book and a warm cup of tea. I have two more books waiting for me at the library. I'd like to spend the rest of January reading and drinking tea. I'd like to just keep warm.
But I can't. Tomorrow will be spent painting the bathrooms in the new house. At least I hope I get to paint the bathroom. There's lots of prepwork to be done and I hope that goes by quickly.

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