Tuesday, June 16, 2015

On Display: Fountain City Coffee, Columbus

My self-dubbed "Coffeehouse Tour" continues! Now my work is hanging at Fountain City Coffee in Columbus, Georgia. Since they have newly remodeled walls, I opted to only show my largest pieces which could be hung on their hanging system. No need in putting dozens of little holes for the rest of the 50 Sun/Moon Project.
About Fountain City Coffee: Since the year two thousand and three, Fountain City Coffee has continued to roast the “Freshest Cup of Coffee in the Cosmos”. A cultural vessel on Broadway & 10th in downtown Columbus, Georgia, each cup of coffee begins as the freshest bag of beans imported from across this gyrating sphere we call Dear Mother Earth.
And of course, I only took this one photo with my iPhone. You can see "Pisces", "Cetus", and "Lepus".

A few days later the owner send me these photos. There's "Cetus", "Lepus", "Pisces", "Capricornus", "El Sol", and "La Luna". All paintings are for sale.

If you're in the area, please stop by for coffee and art! And let me know you stopped by! 

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