Thursday, March 12, 2015

Painting on Walls: Another Pooch!

Remember The Southern Pooch project? Well I got the super awesome chance to paint another dog on the wall!

The Southern Pooch's owner's mama (Say that three times fast!) asked me to paint this beloved pet as a surprise for her daughter. I agreed but also wondered how I could paint something in public AND have it be a surprise too...hmmm.

Luck would have it that the owner would be out of town on Friday so I made plans to get up to the building and paint paint paint!

The Southern Pooch, Part 2
I had a small window of time to paint this so there would be no crying, whining, or bratty artist behavior on my part. I had to just get it done and get it done well!

The Southern Pooch, Part 2
Thankfully it was a beautiful day. A bit chilly so I had to take breaks to warm my hands, but still very calm and sunny.

The Southern Pooch, Part 2
His name is Buddy. Sadly, he crossed the rainbow bridge awhile ago so this will serve as a memorial. He was super fun to paint!

The Southern Pooch, Part 2
And here we go! I think there's talk of eventually adding more dogs as time goes by. One pooch at a time, right?

Oh! Let me tell you about small towns: It's hard to do anything and get away with it! So this was supposed to be a surprise for the owner while she was out of town for the day. Turns out, one of her friends saw me painting and texted her about it, spoiling the surprise! All accidental, so what can ya do? It's a small town thing!

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