Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Celestial Folk Art Series - Canis Major

Last week I felt a little "off"...just a little tired and I suspected a bit of a tickle in my throat. Next thing I know I'm exhausted and unable to do no more than cough and whine. Being sick sucks. Having a cold is kinda like running at 60% at all times. Not quite sick enough to spend all your time in bed, but still trying to do everyday things and using up your energy in no time. 

Plus, I feel immensely guilty when I try to take some time off for myself. I mean, what's up with that?  I have to figure out a way to learn that it's okay to let those messages sit in my inbox just a wee bit longer. It's okay to not want to make dinner. It's okay to just be sick. 

Oh well. I think I'm on the way out of this sickness. I've worked on some new paintings lately and here's the latest.

Laika Progress
First progress shots. Just filling in background colors.

Laika Progress
Then adding little bits of color here and there. 

And then:
Laika: Modern Day Canis Major Detail
This painting is based off the constellation Canis Major, or the Greater Dog. It's one of the newer constellations I've been able to recogize above my house. The largest star in Canis Major is Sirius, located in the dog's chest. 

Laika: Modern Day Canis Major Detail
Weee look at that tail!

Laika: Modern Day Canis Major

Laika: Modern Day Canis Major
The official title is "Laika: Modern Day Canis Major". Laika is the name of the first dog in space. It's a heart-breaking story if you're wanting to read more about her. I wanted to pay homage to her and her short life. I do believe she is a Canis Major!

24" x 36" acrylic on canvas.

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