Tuesday, March 04, 2014

"Creativity Takes Courage" A Muse in Watercolor

Last week I considered a few ideas for a new watercolor. It seemed as though nothing new worked and I kept coming back to old ideas and old themes. Looks like I have a habit of creating paintings of women, with lots of hair, in profile, and with roses thrown in for good measure. I guess if it works, then keep going. That's how I came up with this new painting:

Muse "Creativity Takes Courage" Watercolor Painting
After discovering the quote, "Creativity takes courage", I sketched up this gal. Originally I wanted a banner around her collar with the quote but decided against it at the last moment. 

Watercolor / Ink
All my watercolors start the same, by adding all the blacks. I use a new Sharpie marker for the lines.

Watercolor / Ink

Watercolor In Progress
Then color!

Muse "Creativity Takes Courage" Watercolor Painting
I didn't get many progress shots of this because I powered through it late one evening. But here she is in all her watercolor goodness. I'm hoping to get prints of this soon!

11" x 14" 

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