Thursday, September 08, 2011

My Creative Space Thursday

I currently have many, many creative balls up in the air and I'm doing my best to juggle them all, as well as take care of the family and the pets (a zoo, I tell ya!). Here's a photo post of what I've been up to:

Late Night Painting
Friends keep tell me that if I paint more chickens and roosters, then I could definitely sell them faster than other paintings. I call this a "Chicken Challenge", and so I'm busting out several feather friend portraits over the next few weeks to see if my friends' theory is true. It's fun to just sit down and paint something cute and quick. 

Day Two
I'm working on this huge mural while my kiddo (and all the other dance students) are in school. Hopefully I'll get to work on it this weekend...and maybe finish it. 

Early Morning Painting
I had some unexpected free time yesterday morning so I painted an avocado. Gotta keep those creative juices flowing!

Big Ol' Sign
And here's the finished product of hanging out with my dad on Monday. Now it's up to me to prime and paint it. With all this recent rain, the primer isn't drying as fast as I want it to, so it's a slow process. I have to have lots of patience with this one!


  1. Love it all, especially the rooster (we have 6 chickens) and the Degas Ballerina. I've never tried painting a mural, I bet it's very different to painting on a canvas, having to work out the space etc.

  2. It's always fun to have several projects going at once. I especially like the avocado painting.

  3. I love seeing the progression of your work! (I am a new follower from Etsy Blog team.)


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