Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I'm Lovin': sweet kitty purrs, doggy cuddles and belly rubs, evenings spent dancing with the Wii, a new phone (a droid!), making lists and planning birthday parties, good music: The Black Keys, early Metallica, Ryan Adams, Pink Floyd, adding more books to my GoodReads "Read" List, The Walking Dead Season 2 preview, getting closer and closer to the fall season, thinking about going to the beach again soon, a weekend with my dear friend and cousin Johnny, school supply shopping, new shoes shopping, sleepy-eyed kisses in the morning, living in a small town and knowing everyone you need to know, "Hey Ms. Fawne!", this link: 10 Ways to Love the People in Your Life, thinking about the year 2012 and Boygirlparty's 2012 Agenda, this movie: Life in a Day, looking through pages and pages of Tumblr and coming across this post: 10 Rules for Moderately Successful, Relatively Intelligent Women, asking without fear and getting the answer I want, goofy and excited laughs, and tickle fests.

What are you lovin' on today?

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