Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Hey There

I've resurrected my DailyBooth account. I hope to update more often than not, so if you're over there, go ahead and add me!

I spent the weekend celebrating the marriage of a near and dear friend. I was Matron of Honor and Maz was the flower girl, and by the end of Saturday we were spent. I'd love to share photos once I get a link to an online gallery.

As you can see from the photo link above, I've been reading an old favorite lately. It's been a few years since I've picked it up and it's interesting to see the passages I highlighted and underlined. If I remember correctly, I think my buddy Amber read it and also highlighted parts she liked. I bought a copy for my younger sister and well, I kind of hesitated giving it to her because of all the sex and drug references. I texted Amber with my concerns and her reply was, "Do you remember what we knew at age 16?" There you go. I hope my sister enjoys it as much as I do. It's got to be better than those books with vampires and werewolves, right?

Another thing I've been enjoying lately: Pink Floyd's Fearless. This song was played during the newly wedded couple's first dance. It was SO BEAUTIFUL (all caps needed!) and I tried my best not to cry. They didn't want to dance alone so after a few moments all the bridesmaids found a dance partner. I slow danced with my husband and to quote TPoBaW, I felt infinite.

I found an amazing cover on YouTube just a few minutes ago:

Thank goodness for the internet.

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