Thursday, August 13, 2009

Newest Addition to the Family

What can I say? We did it. We talked about it for weeks and we did it. We got a puppy.

His official name is Dexter McNugget and his nicknames include: Dex, Dex-a-lex, Dexlexia, Rolodex, and the occasional Dirtbag. He's almost four months old and he's a fluffy, long haired Dachaund. He's almost completely crate trained and can follow a couple of commands.

We're considering it to be an early birthday present for Mazzy. She's quite fond of him but gets frustrated when he doesn't listen to her commands. He listens to me mostly since I spend almost all my extra time with him. I think Mazzy will be excited when Dex finally learns to fetch.

Being a new puppy owner is exhausting. I'm constantly watching him to make sure he doesn't have an accident in the house or snatch Maz's toys to tear up. While writing this post he's snatched a tshirt from the clothes hamper and a flipflop. It's nice to see him act like a puppy though, it's a change of pace from his moping around the first few days he was with us.

Having a puppy around make me miss the old family dog Nikki. She was a huge yellow Labrador and was the smartest damn dog I have ever been around. I only lived with her for about 4 years but wow, what a dog. I could ask her questions, "You hungry? You need to go out? How are you?" and she'd respond every time. She was a guard dog, the master of the house, and a great buddy to have around. When I hear Dexter's nails on the kitchen floor, I think of Nikki. Dexter dude, you've got some big paws to fill.

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  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    i ALSO have a fluffy, long haired Dachaund!!!!! Her name is Sophie! dexter is SOO cute!!!!

    xo, HANNAH


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