Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Lovin'

Things I've been lovin' lately:
  • My new tea mug by The Manicule. It came in the mail today! Mazzy saw that the package was from England and she says, "Maybe it's cute and all England-y!"
  • Reading for pleasure. Surely, it's something I took for granted before I started school. I miss reading novel after novel. I'm currently working on my second book this year. At this rate I won't even read ten books this year.
  • Twitpic and Twitterberry. Take a look at my Twitter and notice all the updates I make during the day. Goodness gracious, am I a Twitter-fiend or what?
  • Elizabeth Fleming's Blog. She's a mama and a photographer. I love her work so much and can relate to many of her posts! I've been meaning to link to her for a long time. I also get the willies from a naked hermit crab.
  • Winter Break. Mazzy doesn't have school this week. That means I can get an extra hour of sleep for a few days. Hurrah!
  • News from long distance relatives. One cousin let me know the gender of her third child and another let me know he's planning on visiting soon. Double Hurrah!
  • Getting film developed. I recently mailed off six rolls of 120 film to PhotoWorks SF. They very quickly processed and scanned the film and mailed it back. I love looking through the photos and picking and choosing what I should keep or trash. I'll be updating my Flickr soon!
  • Catching my little bookworm. Mazzy enjoys reading to herself! I'm always very excited to find her sitting on the couch and reading. She read her first chapter book last week. I'm a very happy bookworm mama.
  • Buying tickets to concert tickets. Okay, so I'm not loving what the tickets cost but I'm stoked to see Ryan Adams for a second time in March and the Brian Jonestown Massacre in April.
Oh! Hey! Happy 200th Blog Entry!

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  1. Thanks for the link to my site! What is it about a naked hermit crab? Yick...


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