Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Thankful For - The Grand Finale

Good health, good food, great love, my daughter's healthy and ready to go back to school tomorrow, watching the moon, hoodies, trips across the country, making my first snow angel, giggling at 3 a.m., having a wonderful family, feeling more and more like myself, reading poetry, drawing, having health insurance, new pens and notebooks, trying new things, feeling fear and trying to get through it, good mail days, full gas tanks, windy days, sunny days, rainy days, being able to say no and not feeling bad for it, getting drunk, saying yes and meaning it, telling jokes and playing video games, watching my daughter perform onstage, hot showers and nice smelling soap, plenty of presents under the tree, opportunities, everything.

(Well, I missed some weeks, but for most of this year I made a post once a week on things I was thankful for. I'm proud of that.)

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