Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Sketchbook (And Progress!)

Remember when I painted a skateboard for SkaterAid 2013? That was pretty sweet! Just the other day, I recieved a call for art for this year's SkaterAid (it's going to be the last one too) and I knew I had to participate again. So I dug up an old skateboard from my basement and started working on an idea.

I usually spend a day or so just...thinking. What do I want to paint? What will I paint? What haven't I painted yet? And I go though my usual themes: girl's face, birds, hearts, skulls, etc... And I came up with a fox. I haven't painted a fox in awhile, let's go with that.

Skateboard Progress: Sketch
Sketching! And a possible title? I'm not sure yet.

Skateboard Progress: First Layers
First layers of paint.

Skateboard Progress: Dot Dot Dot
More and more layers of piant. 

I don't have any concrete plans for this and I'm doing my usual winging it. So we'll see how this goes! I'll take plenty of photos along the way!

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