Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Painting, Hurrah!

Sometimes, we have a bit of downtime at the shop. One afternoon we were goofing off and talking about the most rediculous free tattoo we could come up with. It started out as just a dolphin with a unicorn horn. The idea grew from there and next thing we know we've got a Uni-phin with a fanny pack and a tribal armband, a rainbow, and the words "Ride 'til You Die!" Of course, I had to try to paint it!

And so I did:
Ride 'til You Die!

I didn't get any progress shots of this painting, probably because it didn't take too long. Now I just need to find a good frame for it and hang it at the shop.

Here's a photo of what I use:
What I Use
A Winsor & Newton travel watercolor set, Bombay India Ink, Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolor brushes. I'm a big fan of Kilimanjaro's 300lb. cold pressed watercolor paper.

I picked up these supplies from various art stores: Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, Dick Blick, and Cheap Joe's Art Supplies. (Cheap Joe's is the only place where I can find the superthick watercolor paper that I love.)

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