Monday, March 08, 2010


Current book: Sailor Jerry Collins - American Tattoo Master
Current album: Ryan Adams mix CD, all my favorite songs.
Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: Being very, very lazy.
Current color(s): Gold and navy blue.
Current link: and Facebook (can't seem to get away from FB!)
Current fetish: Tatttttttoooooooooos! The husband says that it's all I talk about nowadays.
Current drink: Lots and lots of water.
Current favorite creep: Me. I'm a big ol' Creepy McCreeperson
Current wish-list: A big bottle of Patron!
Current favorite song(s): Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Oh boy!
Current triumph(s): Allowing myself to relax and say no, make time for myself.
Current celebrity crush: Ryan Adams, for a long, long time. Always and forever.
Current indulgence: Lazy lazy internetting and video games and sleep.
Current slang: "I know, right?" Maz is now saying it.
Current excitement: MY BIRFDAY! (That's exactly how I say it: BIRFDAY!)
Current mood: Fat, Happy, and Fortunate.

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